photography and sculpture

The Plywood Series

plynoun: a layer or strand; verb: to wield diligently; to work at steadily; to address persistently; to offer frequently; to travel a course regularly.


Through the gentle manipulation of high-grade plywood, and cutting the wood in such a way that it naturally separates into its layers, I construct intricate representations of Desert Southwest environments. From the horizontal lines of the Painted Desert to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where the Colorado constantly carves rock, this series is an aesthetic exploration of the landscape I call home. Each element of every piece is hand-constructed from wood. Even the nuts and bolts, which appear in the photographs to be metal, are hand-made from wood, and then dyed black, or left as natural wood. Interpreted by viewers as anything from musical instruments to ancient tools to children’s toys, each of the products in the Plywood Series can be traced back to its source—a specific spot on the river or Southwest landscape. Each twist, bend, layer and shade are reflections of the precious, diverse and imperiled land. I see this series as having dual purpose: to honor and celebrate the wild land each piece explores, and to inspire the continued vigilance and dedication of preservation efforts.